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March 2, 2010 tinkisamy

I have found some really good resources about instructional design.

The first is a blog about what an instructional designer does. The writer, Christy, describes various aspects of the job. She also give more info about getting started as an instructional designer and the different skills that are necessary to be successful. This is a good resource as I am beginning to learn more about different job positions that I can be involved in as I pursue my MA in instructional design and technology.

The next blog, Instruction in an Information Snacking Culture, used a very interesting analogy. The author, RK Prasad, explained that we need meals and not just snacks to survive. He then compared “quick fixes” in learning instead of thoughtful learning. I enjoyed reading this blog and thought of the many times this has happened in my experiences. It is interesting how many people want the quick “pill”, as he described, instead of really looking into design processes.

The third blog that I discovered deals with cognitive development. In Implications of cognitive theory for instructional design, the author looks at the various ideas of design. The review is made in regard to instructional design in universities. The author, David Jones, explains that instructional designers are seen as bringing change to teaching. This leads to resistance and a feeling that the teachers are being attacked personally and in their teaching abilities.  He brought up some great points to ponder about what I may see as an instructional designer. He refers to an article by a writer, Winn, who said, “instructional design should be driven by an understanding of theories of learning and instruction, rather than mastery of design techniques.”

Jones goes into great detail and critique of the article and explains the details of cognitive theory in relation to the behavioural theory. I see his point that this theory leans more toward keeping the design separate from the implementation. The two have to be used together hand in hand. This blog is a great read and resource to remind teachers of the need to review and keep their strategies updated. This ensures that they are using the best and most effective means to instruct.


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