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January 20, 2011 tinkisamy

I viewed the multimedia program “The Art of Effective Communication.” I observed communication in three different modalities: as written text, as audio, and as video.  

My interpretation of the information didn’t change from the voice message to the face to face example. But the e-mail example could have been taken a few ways. I actually had to read it twice so that I could interpret the correct voice in which I thought the email had been written in. With e-mail it is very important to read your response a few times for your intended meaning. “The source of the problem with email communication deals directly with emotion.  Emotion portrayed in a text-based email can be interpreted differently when being read by different people, in much of the same way that a well written poem or set of song lyrics can receive various interpretations by various people” (Marc, 2007).

With the use of voicemail and face to face communication you can hear the inflection in the persons voice and can sense what the person is trying to communicate. The one problem with voicemail is that it seems to be at times an easy way out. If you can go talk to the person face to face that is the best in my opinion the best form of communication. I know that sometimes that is not feasible, so leaving a message is the only way to get in contact with another person. when this is the case the person delivering the message needs to make sure that they express themselves professionally but at the same time effectively. The message needs to be clear and concise but not demanding.

When working in a team, especially at the beginning of a project, people need to see each other face to face. You need to see who you will be working with and let their voices be heard through many different ways. This can be through their comments, body language, or by their expressions.

I have learned the necessity for face to face meetings instead of e-mail or quick passing comments. It is important to learn about the people on your team. As an Instructional Designer and Project Manager there is a need to connect with each person. This will be the biggest advantage as the project progresses. By getting to know each person you see their strengths and those areas where they could use refinement. You can not see this by e-mail or through voicemail.  Face to face communication also opens the door for the other person to see you as approachable and if there is a problem they can readily come to you.  No one wants to deal with a computer or phone when there is a snag or an issue to address.


Marc. 2007. Email communication problems: How to communicate effectively. Retrieved January 20, 2011, from

Multimedia program: The Art of Effective Communication.


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  • 1. Masheree  |  January 23, 2011 at 12:26 am

    Amy you made some very good points! I really like when you speak of how f2f communication helps others to see you as approachable. As a leader, it is important that others feel comfortable coming to you. This initial commnuication, it turn, helps the PM understand who he or she is working with. Knowing this helps the project manager to choose the appropriate type of communication for sharing different messages between different people (Portny, et. al., 2008).

    Portny, S. E., Mantel, S. J., Meredith, J. R., Shafer, S. M., Sutton, M. M., & Kramer, B. E. (2008). Project management: Planning, scheduling, and controlling projects. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

  • 2. Naquai Mack  |  January 23, 2011 at 10:53 am

    I guess we have interpreted the email message a bit differently. I communicate a lot using email at work. I prefer to use it because it is easily accessible and a convenient form of communication.

    I definitely understand what you where saying about how you had to read the email twice in order to interpret its tone and emotion. I’ve experienced reading emails that I was just not too sure about, but I’ve also experienced emails where I knew what the tone of the message was immediately. I’ve learned that when someone expresses themselves by using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, it means that they are angry or just really want to get their point across to their intended audience. Written communication includes having a clear purpose, and a friendly and respectful tone (Stolovitch, 2011).

    Stolovitch, H. (2011). Video Program: “Communicating with Stakeholders”. Retrieved January 11, 2011 from Walden University, Web site:

  • 3. yolanda  |  January 23, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Good Post Amy! I also think that face to face communication amongst team members is important. Chuck Martin in his article gives many reasons for the continued use of face to face communication in today’s high tech world email and instant message. These include to clear up any misconceptions, builds trust, decreases delay in decision making, and holds people more accountable.

    Martin, C., (2007). “The Importance of Face to Face Communication at Work” Retrieved from

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