Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources

February 2, 2011 tinkisamy

I have been searching various location to find at least two resources that would be useful in estimating costs, effort, and/or activity durations associated with instructional design (ID) projects. As I searched for estimating costs and budgeting resources, I found some “gems” of information. The first is a website called Builder Au. This site is one that I was so thankful to stumble upon. The best part is that it is a site by developers for developers. This is just what I needed to see and browse through. The article that I found discusses creating the project budget. It gives the beginning point in budgeting. The author provides some great starting points and ideas to consider. The one thing it is missing is a template.  The article goes step by step and includes information on creating a risk assessment.

There is a good project management website that outlines the process. They give 8 steps in the project management process. They provide diagrams and charts. They refer to the critical path method and Gantt charts. They really do a good job breaking down the various charting methods used a project process. The one thing I wish they touched on is the budget in a project. They didn’t provide any templates or breakdowns.

The Bright Hub website was a wealth of knowledge and links for a budget template. They give an overall project page, a monthly page, and a task project budget page. The template seems basic and easy to use. I am planning on adding what I have and trying this template out. They also give a link that discusses the goal of a project budget, what should be included, and an example of a project management budget.  This information gives a very good overview and a baseline of where to get started which is just what I need. They explain the process very simply and matter of fact. I also like that they even include a project proposal link. This website really has it all in terms of project management and the various aspects involved with a project.


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