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Encouraging Collaboration

Encouraging Collaboration

Instructors have the opportunity to establish the feeling of "oneness" in the learning community from the very first initial post and interaction with the learner. It is essential for the instructor to model their expectations by providing a model for discussion. There needs to be an example for the learners to return to for guidance and a starting point for their own work. This helps with uneasiness and the feeling of isolation that may occur with online learning. The instructor “sets the state for collaborative work” (Palloff & Pratt, 2007, p. 159).

With this in mind, when should you (as the instructor) determine that a learner is not an active participant in the environment? What can you do to engage and encourage the learner in the environment and the content?

After reading the book chapter excerpt, Building Online Communities, answer the above questions. Use any additional resources that you can find that will add to your response and thoughts. Make sure you check the rubric for clarification of expectations.

By Wednesday:

Post your thoughts on encouraging the online learner described above. Make sure you provide ideas for engagment and make sure you cite your resources appropriately.

By Sunday:

Read a through your fellow learners postings. Respond to at least three or more of your fellow learners in any of the ways listed below:

  • Build on something that was posted by another learner.
  • Explain why and how you see things differently.
  • Ask a clarifying or deeper thinking question.
  • Share an insight
  • Offer an opinion and make sure you explain your stance.
  • Use your experiences to deeped the post.
  • Expand on the other learners post.

Return to the discussion every few days to read the responses to your initial posting and provide feedback and/or clarification when necessary. Remember to read over each post and response. It is important to check your writing and make sure it sounds the way you intend it to be expressed. Enjoy learning from each other!


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